Welcome to gWealth Select!

gWealth Select is a service for our clients with less than $250,000 in investable assets.

gWealth Select offers you the chance to use cutting edge technology to craft a portfolio of investments that is tailored to your stage of life, your investing style and your risk tolerance.

This completely online service will guide you through the entire process, giving you the advice you need at every step.


Invest Online. Not Alone.

5 Easy Steps to Create a Professional Portfolio


1.) Go to https://www.gwealthadvisor.com/login#/ and enter your email address and desired password, then click Create Account. 

2.) Check your email for a welcome message that contains a link to verify your email address

3.) Answer a short Risk Tolerance survey and fill out an account application and transfer information for account funding

4.) An investment professional will review the portfolio created for you. Your portfolio will be based upon your answers to the survey considering your risk tolerance, stage of life, investable assets, etc.

5.) Sign the App digitally. Your funds will be moved to your new account and you will begin receiving updates and information about your new portfolio.


We’ll review your portfolio regularly to make sure you’re on track. No hassles. No sales pitches. Online simplicity with professional guidance.